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Updated on Juay 9, 2019

Experts from University of Pannonia, Hungary visit Suining Central Hospital

On July 3, 2019, Dr. Járvás Gábor, Research Fellow of Translational Glycomics Research Center, University of Pannonia, and Hungary Euro-Conti Sicience Technology Innovation Park General Manager Zhang Zhigang visited Suining Central Hospital (SCH).The two visiting experts took a guided tour around the Hedong Branch and laboratories of the hospital including Gene Sequencing Laboratory, Biological Sample Bank, Research Center for Big Data in Health and Medicina, and Suining Key Laboratory of Metabolic Diseases.

A meeting was held after the tour with participants from Oncology Center, Clinical Laboratory, Basic Laboratory, Digestive Diseases Center of SCH, at which Dr. Járvás Gábor introduced the project on the development of circulating tumor cell (CTC) detection system being carried out at the Translational Glycomics Research Center of University of Pannonia. Compared with traditional CTC detection technologies, CTC detection can be done with this system within a few minutes and the cost is much less, which may bring the system a broad application prospect in the future. The participants discussed about the sensitivity, specificity, application, and promotion of this technology. In view of a series of basic research having been carried out in SCH and its rich resources of medical cases, Dr. Járvás Gábor is very confident of the subsequent cooperation between the two institutions.

After the meeting, the two experts also visited the HIFU Center at SCH, where General Manager Zhang Zhigang got to know in detail about the principle, equipment maintenance, indications, and effectiveness of HIFU treatment. He believes that the aims of scientific and technological exchanges are not only to introduce advanced technology from abroad, but also to promote domestic advanced equipment overseas. He hopes to introduce the domestic HIFU treatment system into Hungary at a proper time so as to benefit the local patients there with more minimally invasive treatment.