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Updated on April 30, 2019

Nuclear medicine expert Dr. Peter Lin from Australia pays a one-week academic visit to SCH

In order to further promote bilateral academic exchanges and explore collaboration opportunities, Nuclear medicine expert Dr. Peter Lin from Australia made a one-week academic visit to Suining Central Hospital (SCH) from April 18 to 24, 2019 upon invitation. Dr. Peter Lin is Clinical Director of Medical Imaging Stream of South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD), Australia, Head of Nuclear Medicine and PET Department of Liverpool Hospital, Co-joint Senior lecturer of University of NSW and Western Sydney University.

During the visit, Dr. Peter Lin delivered three Keynote speeches on the topics of "From 'Personalised Medicine' to 'Precision Health': medical imaging in the era of cognitive revolution", "Information driven service delivery for radiology: from 'Smart' to 'Intelligent' healthcare, Australian centre experience", and "Precision cancer imaging and theranostics". Apart from its own staff, the hospital also invited medical professionals from other hospitals in Suining and in the surrounding counties and cities to attend the lectures. Dr. Lin brought to the attendees advanced knowledge and concepts on molecular imaging and targeted therapy of malignant tumors and on medical imaging service management in his splendid academic lectures, which benefited the participants greatly.

Furthermore, after good communication with Dr. Lin in advance, the hospital held 4 mini-lectures and group sessions in the relevant departments, which included "Progress in molecular imaging and targeted therapy for pancreatic cancer with emphasis on neuroendocrine tumour", "Multi-parametric image-guided therapy for head and neck cancer ", etc. Chaired by director of Medical Affairs Department, the departments of Oncology Center, Nuclear Medicine, Hepatobiliary surgery, and Urology took the lead in organizing the related professionals to have more specialized academic exchanges with Dr. Lin. During the mini-lectures and group sessions, Dr. Lin introduced frontier knowledge in the fields of the related disciplines, gave suggestions and guidance on the current development of our disciplines or clinical specialties, and also discussed about the possible collaboration areas and forms.

In between his academic activities, Dr. Lin visited Hepatobiliary Surgery, Urology, and HIFU Center, etc. During his visit to the HIFU Center, he happened to meet with his former colleague Dr. Felix Wong, former Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Liverpool Hospital, who led a team of obstetrics and gynecology experts from Hong Kong to learn HIFU techniques in our hospital. They had very pleasant communication on HIFU technology, and both Dr. Lin and Dr. Felix Wong's team were deeply impressed by the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Tumor Therapeutic System (HIFU) and its clinical application in our hospital.

SCH has entered a new development stage of high-speed and high-quality. We are actively promoting cooperation of scientific research with domestic and overseas renowned medical institutions and universities and internationalized development strategy. Dr. Peter Lin's visit has built a bridge between Liverpool Hospital and our hospital for further exchanges. As the goodwill envoy who has started the first step of friendly exchanges between our two hospitals, Dr. Peter Lin said that he would report to Chief Executive Ms. Amanda Larkin of SWSLHD about his visit to SCH and hopes that, with Ms. Amanda Larkin's supports, the two hospitals could formally establish ties as Friendship Hospitals to facilitate further collaborations between the two hospitals.

[Note] In November 2018, President Chen Yongjun of SCH visited Australia as a member of the delegation of Chinese hospital presidents for participating in the 2018 Healthcare System Academic Exchange Program in Australia. During his visit to Liverpool Hospital, Chen Yongjun had brief academic and management exchanges with Chief Executive Ms. Amanda Larkin of SWSLHD and Dr. Peter Lin, which were fruitful and beneficial. The SWSLHD administrates six hospitals including Liverpool Hospital. Dr. Peter Lin was invited to visit our hospital to further promote bilateral academic exchanges and explore possible collaboration opportunities.