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Updated on October 17, 2018

Suining Central Hospital holds a training meeting for the 2018 delegation to France before departure

At 5:00 pm on October 11 of 2018, a training meeting for the Suining Central Hospital 2018 delegation of frontier technology training in interdisciplinary & multi-disease clinical pathway and multi-disciplinary treatment model was held at No.2 Academic Hall before its departure for France. Chen Yongjun, Party Secretary and President of Suining Central Hospital, Vice President He Jia, all members of the delegation, as well as the relevant staff of Administration Office and Public Relation Department attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Luo Qinglun, director of the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Department of Suining Municipal People's Government, provided training in foreign affairs disciplines, overseas security, foreign-related protocols, etc. for the delegation. Luo asked all members of the delegation to be politically conscious, observe organizational disciplines, cherish this learning opportunity, and to act as goodwill messengers between China and France. Vice President He Jia emphasized the relevant requirements of the State and Sichuan Provincial Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs for overseas training, and urged everyone to strictly comply with the provisions of the related documents. President Chen Yongjun stressed again the foreign affairs disciplines and overseas security from the aspects of visit details, assigned training tasks for members of the delegation, and asked them to report about the training at regular intervals.