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Updated on April 2, 2018

Suining Central Hospital ranks 61st on China's 2017 Top 100 Prefecture-level City Hospital list

China Hospital Competitiveness Conference 2018 was held in Guangzhou on March 24-25, at which Hong Kong Institute of Asclepius Hospital Management published China's Hospital Competitiveness 2017 Rankings. Suining Central Hospital appeared again on the Top 100 Prefecture-level City Hospital list, ranking 61st out of 2500 prefecture-level city hospitals in the country and 7th on Sichuan's Top 30 hospital list. Since the hospital first ranked among China's Top 100 Prefecture-level City Hospitals in 2013, its ranking has risen year by year from 96th, 85th, 80th, 78th to 61st in 2017.

On the morning of March 25, the signing ceremony of Alibi Hospital Accreditation and HIC Accreditation was held at the opening session and main forum entitled "Situation changes of hospital and exploration of new models" of China Hospital Competitiveness Conference 2018. On behalf of Suining Central Hospital, Trade Union Chairman Wang Xiaohong signed agreements on hospital accreditation and HIC accreditation with Wang Xinglin, Executive Director of the Institute of Asclepius Hospital Management.

Always persisting in the developing strategy of "attaining prosperity through science and technology, getting stronger by talents cultivation" and adhering to "life-saving and patient-centered" service tenet, Suining Central Hospital continuously strengthens its talent cultivation and discipline construction, pays close attention to medical quality management, unceasingly improves medical environment, and works hard to improve patient satisfaction, which has enhanced its comprehensive competitiveness constantly and made its ranking rise year by year. The hospital will take the opportunity of Alibi Hospital Accreditation and HIC Accreditation to further consummate its management system, upgrade its management level, speed up informatization construction, and eliminate "information isolated islands", through which fine management will be achieved and modern hospital will be really managed well with modern management system and management tools. Suining Central Hospital would work unceasingly toward its goal of "being first-class in the country, advanced in the west, leading in Sichuan, and compatible internationally."