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Updated on December 15, 2017

Hospital Universitari Mútua Terrassa(HUMT), Spain sends medical experts to Suining Central Hospital(SCH) for academic exchanges

In April, 2016, SCH signed a friendly cooperative agreement with HUMT and the two parties became international friendship hospitals officially. Under the agreement, they shall develop all-round cooperation in medical care, teaching, scientific research, hospital management and exchange medical and administrative experts.

In November 2016 and February 2017, SCH dispatched two groups of clinical professionals from Thoracic Surgery, Radiology Department, etc. to HUMT for academic exchanges which achieved good results. In order to further promote the cooperation between the two parties, HUMT dispatched 7 medical experts in two batches to SCH in October and November 2017 for academic exchanges and training, who consisted of experts of Thoracic Surgery, Anesthesiology, Gynecology, General Practice and Nursing. During their visit in hospital, the experts had in-depth academic discussion and exchanges with the related medical staff of SCH through visits, clinical observation, work shadowing, collective feedback and guidance, etc., and shared with each other clinical techniques and experience. In particular, the second batch of visiting experts included a general practitioner, a family nurse, and a nurse specialist in diabetes. In addition to their academic exchanges in the hospital ,they also visited and gave guidance to the two practical training bases for the general practitioner trainees of SCH-Suining Jiefu Lu Community Health Service Center and the Community Health Service Center of Suining Economics & Technology Development Zone, which would provide reference experience for implementing hierarchical medical care and developing community health service centers in Suining. During their visit, SCH held a series of academic lectures in which the visiting experts introduced the clinical work and management models of HUMT and its subordinate primary care centers, and the cutting-edge theoretical knowledge and technology about multi-disciplinary cooperation, diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, pain management of surgical operation, management of hypertension and diabetes in community health service centers, and nursing education, etc.

Toward the end of each group's visit, the hospital held separate wrap-up meetings. In the meeting on November 9,2017, thoracic surgeon Dr. Ramón Rami Porta shared his perceptions in our hospital. He affirmed the environment, medical technology, facilities, team management of the hospital, and offered some good suggestions about the collection and collation of clinical big data and the improvement of staff's English, etc. Anesthesiologist Dr. Jesús Antonio Martínez Pérez spoke highly of the anesthesiology in SCH and gave some constructive suggestions. He hoped that we would establish comprehensive pain management teams as soon as possible to alleviate the postoperative pain of patients and improve their life quality.

In the wrap-up meeting on November 28, on behalf of the second visiting group, general practitioner Dr. Maria Teresa Mur Martí introduced their visit and exchanges in Suining and provided good suggestions for the weaknesses existing in our work. Gynecologists Ms. Núria Pons Serra and Ms. Anna Carmona Ruiz shared their training experience at HIFU Center, where they had a profounder understanding about HIFU treatment process and non-invasive concept. After going back to Spain, they hoped to further promote the application of minimally invasive and non-invasive techniques and establish an uterine myoma treatment center to benefit the local people.

President Chen Yongjun was moved by the earnest and pragmatic work attitudes of the visiting experts and expressed his gratitude for the valuable suggestions they offered. He pointed out that the hospital would sort out these problems and solve them according to the present situation of medical care and the actual condition of social development in China. He also hoped that, through the "exchanges between China and Spain ", the related clinical departments would learn advanced management experience from HUMT and actively adopt the opinions of visiting experts to provide high quality and humanized medical service for the patients, and that the international cooperation would help broaden the vision of our staff and further upgrade the service level of the hospital.