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Updated on May 26, 2017

HIFU center of SCH recently receives four batches of foreign visitors for clinical observation and training

Suining Central Hospital (SCH) introduced HIFU technology in 2010. After years' development, it has now become the "Global Best Exemplary Hospital" of HIFU Treatment awarded by National Engineering Research Center of Ultrasound Medicine and the largest HIFU center in China. In recent years, being a representative of Chinese HIFU technology, SCH has drawn worldwide attention. Up to now, over 5600 cases have been treated by HIFU in the hospital, and it tops the global list for the number of patients treated and the therapeutic effects. At the same time, SCH attracts the attention of the world through HIFU, which plays an active role in strengthening its international exchanges and promoting its development. During April and May, the HIFU Center received totally 8 medical professionals from Thailand, the Republic of Korea, Italy and Argentina, who came in four batches for clinical observation and training. Their training periods were from 1 to 2 weeks. The rich clinical cases in our hospital provided valuable learning resources for the visiting professionals. Through lectures on HIFU, clinical observation and discussion, the foreign visitors got to know the principles, process flow chart, operating process, precautions, advantages, and curative effects of HIFU treatment, and achieved their visiting purposes. HIFU technology is a safe and effective treatment technology; the visiting professionals are confident in its application and development prospects, and will be committed to promoting this technology in their own countries to benefit more people.