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Updated on April 27, 2017

SCH signs a friendship hospital cooperation agreement with CHU-Angers, France

Recently, Chen Yongjun, Party Committee secretary and president of Suining Central Hospital (SCH), led a delegation to visit Centre Hospitalier Universitaire d'Angers (CHU-Angers), France and formally signed an international friendship hospital cooperation agreement. Up to now, SCH has two international friendship hospitals, which lays a solid foundation for achieving its development goal of being internationally compatible.

In August 2016, president of CHU-Angers Yann BUBIEN and his party made a field visit to SCH. After several rounds of discussion and communication, the both sides held that the establishment of international friendship hospital cooperation relationship is of great significance to promoting bilateral development.

On the morning of April 21, 2017, president of SCH Chen Yongjun and his delegation visited CHU-Angers. Witnessed by Benit PILET, vice mayor of Angers municipal government, and Erik Legrand, president of Medical Commission of CHU-Angers, Chen Yongjun signed the cooperation agreement with Loriane AYOUB, secretary-general of CHU-Angers. It is clearly stated in the agreement that the two sides will cooperate in the following four aspects: exchange of visiting scholars; cooperating to carry out scientific research and teaching activities; exchanging information materials and cooperating to publish papers and books in accordance with the current laws and regulations of both countries ; carrying out academic exchanges and technical cooperation.

President Chen Yongjun signs the cooperation agreement with Loriane AYOUB, secretary-general of CHU-Angers

Representatives present at the ceremony

Mr. Chen Yongjun and his party also visited the Emergency Center, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Department of Critical Care Medicine, and Medical Simulation Teaching Center of CHU-Angers.

On the afternoon of April 21, the delegation visited Angers municipal government and were warmly received by vice mayor Benit PILET. Mr. Benit PILET introduced the basic information about Angers and its development prospects, and he said that Angers municipal government would like to actively participate in the cooperation of hospitals. Angers will host the world electronic industry development forum in October, representatives of Suining municipal government will be invited to the meeting to promote deeper exchanges and cooperation between the two cities.

Visiting departments at CHU-Angers

Visiting departments at CHU-Angers

Visiting Angers municipal government

Visiting Angers municipal government

Mr. Chen Yongjun expressed his thanks to Angers municipal government for their efforts in promoting cooperation between the two hospitals, and said that the exchanges and cooperation between the hospitals would be strengthened to promote cooperation between the two cities.

CHU-Angers has a long history and profound culture. Being one of the 32 medical care & education centers in France, it undertakes the tasks of medical training and medical care for Loire region and even western France. CHU-Angers has 1500 beds, 8 grand departments, more than 6300 staff; its annual delivery amounts to 4000-plus person-time, hemodialysis 7200 person-time, and inpatient discharge over 100,000 person-time; it has one of the largest medical simulation training center in western France.

The establishment of friendly cooperation relationship with CHU-Angers is another achievement made by SCH in its way to be internationally compatible. In recent years, SCH persists in the developing strategy of "attaining prosperity through science and technology, getting stronger through talents cultivation" and adheres to the development philosophy of "serving the people"; it has made great progress in medical technology, service quality, discipline construction, etc. In order to accomplish the development goal of "being first-class in China, advanced in the west, leading in Sichuan, and compatible internationally", SCH strives to strength its international cooperation. It has dispatched near 100 professionals to study abroad, and explored to establish friendly cooperation relationship with overseas medical centers.