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Traumatic Orthopedics

Founded in 1914, the Specialty of Orthopedics grew into independent Orthopedic Department in 1962 at Suining Central Hospital. After decades of development, it has become a first-level department with advanced equipment and strong technical force which integrates medical care, education, and scientific research as a whole and is now a provincial key clinical specialty.

The Department of Traumatic Orthopedics includes traumatic ward, foot & ankle ward, and hand surgery. It is equipped with advanced medical equipment such as multi-functional traction beds, complete sets of microsurgical instruments, surgical microscopes, external fixation stents, orthopedic operation beds, C-arm X-ray machines, multi-function ECG monitors, and fracture physiotherapy devices. There are 25 staff including 2 chief physicians, 3 associate chief physicians, 4 attending physicians, 4 supervisor nurses, 9 senior nurses, and 3 junior nurses, among whom 3 doctors received master's degree. The staff have published more than 50 academic papers in medical journals including 1 SCI article and won 6 provincial and municipal scientific and technology progress awards.

Traumatic ward

There are 48 beds in traumatic ward. Areas of expertise include: minimally invasive surgery for limb fractures, surgical treatment of intertrochanteric fractures of the elderly, reduction and internal fixation of pelvic acetabular fractures, repair of skin and soft tissue defects, replantation of limbs, microscopic repair and functional reconstruction of vascular and nerve injuries of extremities, treatment of brachial plexus injury.

Foot & ankle ward

The department took the lead in establishing foot & ankle specialty group in Sichuan Province which has 20 beds. Areas of expertise include: fine and systemic treatment of foot & ankle fracture and soft tissue trauma, minimally invasive treatment of calcaneus fracture, repair and functional reconstruction of foot & ankle sports injuries including lateral collateral ligament, triangular ligament, distal tibiofibular syndesmosis injury, talus osteochondral necrosis, and arthritis of foot & ankle, orthopedics of foot & ankle deformities including post-traumatic deformity, flat foot, high arch foot, hallux valgus, and hammer toe.

Hand surgery

Hand surgery is a featured specialty group of the Orthopedic Center at Suining Central Hospital with 20 beds. Areas of expertise include: replantation of finger, palm, and wrist, replantation of various complex types of severed limbs, soft tissue defect repair of limbs including skin grafting, local flap transfer, pedicled flap, free musculocutaneous flap, and bone flap, peripheral nerve and tendon release, transplantation and functional reconstruction of tendon and nerve.

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